The Alternative

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Living in my dreams

its where my soul leans

i never yearned to be trapped in a urn

mind-body- & soul

its how we all learn

without hands how can milk be churned

we all wish to live forever

immortality is our endeavor

when we cross this river

the unknown seems bitter

cut the puppet masters ropes

if you strive to feel better

Ashrams hold great knowledge

avoid mimicking fools in college

life and your hands teach you

build brighter futures

i beseech you

go to those experienced with their hands

open your heart & let them teach you.



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U make me smile, so i want to let u know:

Ill be your candle in the dark

your sunshine in the day

your blanket when you’re cold

your friend when secrets need to be told

your drug that makes your pain go away

your support when you falter and sway

Ill even hold your hands when we walk

The World of Tomorrow

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Amidst darkness and sorrow
Restlessly dreaming of tomorrow
Which path shall i follow
Wanting to fly like a swallow

Atop hills are broken homes
All I see is skulls and bones
In this world that moans
To reality my heart groans

Greed and hate at their core
I run out the door
Amidst the clouds i soar
Avoiding this meaningless war

A Lost Soul

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Restless Soul

You forgot me, i know
Its time for me, to let go

Looking at your eyes
I clearly see your lies

Love, is it worth pain
Tears, falling like rain

No more will i care
My soul ripped and teared

Open wounds
All i need is time

Im a restless soul
Yearning to be whole

Love The Way You Lie Part 2 – Rihanna (ft eminem)

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(taken from a friends post on facebook)

The Reason I Miss Clubbing

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Take me back to the clubs!


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If u havent been good to ur mom, u better be soon, before ur soul is gone!

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